Our objective:

To respond efficiently to the legal needs of each of our clients.

We advise companies and individuals in the languages you need. We always look for the best alternative for our clients. We do it honestly and efficiently. We want to be recognized as an office that works in a professional and responsible manner.

We offer integral legal advice services: legal advice and court proceedings.


Areas of competence:

Commercial law
We advise on all activities related to acts of commerce: business, licenses, patents, trademarks, administrative sanctions…

Civil law
Relations between individuals and between the Administration and individuals.
Family law: Divorce, custody of children and problems arising from that situation, inheritance, royal rights, quantity claims…

Labor law
The fulfillment of the Parties’obligations involved in an employment relationship: Dismissals, reconciliations, wage claims, occupational accidents…

Criminal law
We advise on the penal consequences of an act.
Infringements, application of sanctions.
Crimes of: fraud, traffic, property, fiscal.
Complaints, claims…

Real estate property law
Entities and real estate companies, developers and builders.
Purchase and sale operations in Spain and many other countries: houses, apartments, premises…

Visas and residence permits

Translation and Interpretation services
We can provide you translation and interpretation services (including sworn translation and interpretation) for all the language combinations we work (Czech, Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Russian, and Polish).
We can also arrange the apostille and authentication process of your documents if you wish. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information about the various possibilities.

Real estate services in Dubai and surroundings
We offer luxury properties, including apartments, villas, and commercial spaces for sale and rent at long and short term.