Our team

Jorge Rodríguez

Jorge Rodríguez founded JR Gestion in 2013, practicing as a lawyer and administrative manager from the very beginning. In recent years he incorporated real estate management and insurance brokerage in order to provide a comprehensive service to both individuals and companies…


Lukáš Martinek

JUDr. Lukáš Martinek provides legal services in Czech and English. He is a member of the Czech law bar association. He provides legal services in many cities of the Czech Republic. He manages civil, commercial and penal law among other law fields


Ewa Kodymowska

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow, and also received an American Columbia School of Law. Since March 2008 I have run an independent law firm. Since the second year, regular internships and practices have been held in individual law offices in Krakow and Warsaw, a completed lawyer’s application was awarded in 2004-2007 in the bar of the Krakow District Council.


Marek Zalewski

The commercial and public law specialized lawyer providing business focused strategic counsel on a broad array of commercial, regulatory and contractual risk related matters who support commercial clients by developing and implementing legal programs that ensure the business is equipped with the legal guidance, tools, and solutions to execute their business objectives in an effective and legally-compliant manner. Also experienced member of the supervisory board and manager in the public sector.


Rudolf Hykl

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the European Law School at Maastricht University and received a perfect score in his final thesis. Afterwards he obtained a Master’s degree in Public International Law at Utrecht University. He is bilingual and is a Czech and English native English speaker with an excellent knowledge of legal English. Throughout his studies, he undertook a number of internships in the field of law, for example with Chur Associates in Kuala Lumpur or the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In his free time, he likes to teach English and explore Prague.


Andrzej Kędzierski

Graduated law at the University of Wroclaw, Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics. During his studies he started to work for Abraldes Lawyers as an assistant. Specialized in finance and banking law. Thanks to his great knowledge of English he can effectively serve foreign clients. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and traveling.


Piotr Janoszka

President and founder of the Colorful Sun. Masters in clinical and intercultural psychology, child psychologist, pedagogue, neurotherapist, animator. Nominated for the Award of Merit for the city of Wroclaw. Author of cultural tales for children and articles on subjects related to child psychology. Participant of many scientific conferences on the child’s clinical psychology, cultural differences, psychotherapy and prostitution of minors. He worked in centers throughout Poland.


Zaneta Slezak

My name is Zaneta Slezak. I was born in Melnik, Central Bohemia. I am graduated in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management. I worked as a technician and technical support and later as a member of the Bussynes Care team, for operator Ufon, Prague. I also worked as a bank support agent at the Ferratum Bank, Prague. I lived 9 years in France, in Marseille, where I studied French and worked for the French fashion brand Promod branding as a consultant. I also lived for 1.5 years in Poland, especially in Legnica, where I also studied Polish. Now I work in the lawyer’s office Abraldes Lawyers in Prague as an interpreter, translator and secretary.


Maryna Mashtaler

Hello, my name is Maryna Mashtaler. Currently I am a student of Literary studies at the Wrocław University. I am interested in intercultural communication, translations and management. In 2017 I was a beneficiary of Confucius Institute Scholarship in South China Normal University. In 2018 i worked as intern in NGO “Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger e.v.” in Berlin. I work as an office assistant at Abraldes Lawyers since March 2019. I fluently speak English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. My level of German is B2, Chinese – B1.


Pola Peciak

Pola was born in Opole, she graduated in Opolski University with a bachelor’s degree. She completed postgraduate studies in translation at Wroclawski University. She has worked in many international companies. She is a native polish speaker and she speaks English at an advanced level.


Marlena Misiewicz

Graduate of the Stanisław Kopystynski State High School of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Passionate about traveling. Musician with experience in customer advising at a prestigious jewelry salon in Wrocław. Thanks to very good interpersonal skills, she is able to solve conflicts effectively and establish new contacts with ease. Native speaker of Polish, with an intermediate level of English, basic knowledge of Italian, and able to conduct a conversation in German.



Graduate of Catholic University of Lille (France) in Licence of bio-ingineer and specialized in ecology. Today, Kristina is a student in international Master of Nature Conservation at Prague. Passionate about nature, travel and sport, she likes responsibilities and serve. So, she speak fluently French, English and she has some notions of German, Russian and Czech.